Our Services

Our Services

Our AndroidAppMarketing.in firm is serving for Android App Development and immensely help them to increase number in download of their global Client apps. We also specialize in promotional and marketing activities of the Google Play market. Our dedicated acumen team of professionals possess the skills to expose, brand, and market your products in prosperous manner.

AndroidAppMarketing.in qualitatively works as an effective hand of your Android app development team which positively take care of App Marketing and App Promotional Services.

App Beta Testing Services

The app beta testing phase of mobile app development involves sincere people namely testers installing and interacting with preproduction apps, offering constructive feedback and eventually identifying user experience problems.

We make testing simple by enabling app developers to easily distribute and manage Android beta apps for testing, collect crash logs, bug reports and user feedback. The beta testing will actually help you in improving the quality of the app.

App Pre-Launch Services

Do you have a brand new app that will be ready for launch soon? Do you like to get a massive amount of downloads right from the start? Then our Pre-Launch Package services are just what you require to get the ball rolling. Our exclusive Pre-Launch Package is professionally designed for new apps, so they can maximize their download potential.

With our Pre-Launch, Launch and Post-Launch packages, your conversion rates would strongly increase as you experience a sharp rise in downloads after your app launch. From developing attractive Screen shots for your app, app promotional video, Press Release, App Marketing Kit., we are here to offer quality App Pre-Launch Services at your economical budget.

App Press Release & Blogger Reach Services

We create, optimize and send your press releases out to major PR networks, app review sites and influencing bloggers who will get your app global mentions with recognition all over the web. Our network of clients has experienced expansive coverage with quality press release campaigns, which actually lead to immediate conversions in downloads. This eventually assists in development of good response for app on search engine.

App Store Ranking Boost Services

High rankings lead to increased download numbers. It means growing your organic users, those who download the app from browsing through the top lists; a ranking boost is good strategy for any app.

We can boost your app to any position or ranking needed. We have professional bunch of Android Owners, who are passionate and will write an unbiased review about your app in Google Play. This actually helps to boost your app ranking through CPA / CPI method.

Google Play Store Optimization

As people might have heard before many times, without a good Google Play Store Optimization, your app would never become familiar. As global users would not find it in the search and will not install if the graphics are done poorly. Keyword installs is presently the best tool in terms of efficiency of attaining economic organic installs and increasing your prosperous income. We assist you to improve your sales by optimizing your app data in app store.

Cost Effective Downloads

This is one of the major strategies to get more sales by obtaining a place in Top 100 categories & familiar app category. For achieving this, it is common practice to use some Cost effective Download methods and Ad Networks. We assist you to plan your campaign.

App Promotion through Social Media

In order protect your app’s brand and set the foundation for social media campaigns, our App Promotion through Social Media program secures your brand name over numerous sites and develop designs for your social media pages. It is one of the common and most viral methods of promoting your app. We actually use multiple social channels and develop photo presentations to promote your app, drive more targeted traffic and download.