It is known fact that mobile app marketers would be reaching out to global users in multiple ways through in-app notifications, push notifications and email–in order to get their users for completing desired actions.

The global app marketers will be professionally designing marketing automation campaigns that would actively first send a message via in-app notification. In case if global user does not have the mobile app open, then a push notification would be sent.

If the user has the push disabled, then an email would be sent. By effectively using such multi-pronged approach to reach global customers in their desired medium of receiving messages would certainly result in the highest engagement.

The best tactics from AppMarketingPlus will continue to rule namely as utilizing QR codes for discovery, promotion, downloads and multiple offers. Even more PPC advertising and effective App store optimization also brings results.

In addition the incentivized downloads by tying ups with brands to ameliorate global customer experience would also bring good improvement. Moreover the tactics of brand-App tie-ups for pre-installation and immediate discovery of engagement is also good factor.

The app developers can submit their applications to these stores; they might consider in growing their user base by this way also. As we all know that Google Play Store has more than million apps on it and billions of downloads each month, so they are not the only place to get apps. You can still have many alternative Android app stores where one can use anytime you wish. It is also noted that the highest profile alternative to Google Play would be certainly the Amazon Appstore.

It is also soon realized that app discovery would not be limited to app stores. One should develop their apps discoverable at all possible places. You could have lots of pages on your apps and actively turn indexing on for search. In fact, 38% of the global users are likely to install the app only when it’s important to do so.

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