In present world of App marketing promoting Android apps might not be as straightforward as promoting iOS products. It is also noted that Google Play search algorithm seems to be far more sophisticated and there are more Android apps than iOS ones.

As there are many more paying customers on iOS than Android, the global competition seems even more hectic. However, when app developers know where to submit your app and the whole promotion process becomes more strategic with high success rate.

Are you ready to get started with mobile app marketing? GegoSoft Android App Marketing can help you with all of the features. Also let’s take a look at the websites and social media channels.

The passionate app developers can target some of the Android-only app review websites. So getting bloggers and journalists to write about your app is vital for today’s Android developers. The benefits are huge. Firstly, people can get new global users among the readers of the website. And then the links to your product on familiar websites will initiate your App Store ranking therefore it actively brings your more organic downloads from the store.

It is also noted that most of the Google + communities seem popular nowadays. The links to your app on Google+ and the up votes these links for getting huge impact on your app’s ranking in Google Play Store. So if app developers like to take a strategic approach to Google Play app store optimization, then some posts on Google+ must be added into your marketing routine. They could post on your page, ask your friends for up votes, and search the communities which are highly active so that they can post relevant to your application. There are also alternative Android app stores where one could use effectively. Sometimes most of Android users prefer app stores other than Google Play.