In present mobile app world one of the most upcoming issues app publishers face as they work to actively grow their app user base and revenue. The mobile product owners and marketers know primarily watching app user retention rates closely.

In recent times mobile product owners and marketers do actively to impact app retention and global customer churn rates for the betterment. If people could figure out just right frequency for sending push notifications, so they can professionally engage and retain more of your app global prosperous users.

If people could also predict which global customers were most likely to churn, so they can take qualitative action to try to convince them for staying before they leave for best.

It is noted that 95% of new, opt-in app users churn within the first 90 days if they actually don’t receive any push notifications. Suppose if they don’t receive messages, only 5% would continue to utilize the app 90 days after first app open, which virtually means that 95 cents of every dollar spent acquiring, is actually wasted.

For Android apps where global users are chosen in to receive push notifications as the default setting, 30% of global users in latest study received no push notifications at all.

It is considered that strong correlation between notification frequency and high mobile app retention rates. The more frequently global users receive push notifications, the better their quality retention rates.

The global app users who receive one or more push notifications in their first 90-days have approximately 66% higher average retention rates than those actually who don’t receive any push notifications. Even daily or weekly push notifications result in even higher app retention rates. It is also noted that most impressive impact on mobile app retention rates was for global users who received Daily + push notifications.

Eventually the apps that sent just over one push notification a day have 90-day app retention rates which are 3X higher on iOS, and 10X higher on Android than passionate global users who receive none.

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