It is most spoken strategy in app marketing called as the user retention strategies which would actually keep your global users engaged in long-term proposition. Moreover the retention is particularly vital since its major factor in calculating the lifetime value of a customer. Therefore your efforts would be certainly profitable.

In one way of strategy you can send global user’s discounts or coupons for items that they are actually interested in. These are qualitative for retail, travel and local apps. People could use your knowledge of what the global user has expressed interest in before even what’s in their respective cart to get them back into the app.

One could also try special content. For example a quality app could offer a guide to building the accurate initiative through the app. In feature messages you can allow users know about an update or enhancement which you’ve made recently, and assist them to use it. For instance, if people just added the ability to share playlists from your music app on Facebook, allow global users to know.

You can also try better personalization. Once your global users have used your app for a while, they probably learned a lot about them. You can use that knowledge to actively increase the usability of your app. For instance, if you people just re-launched their recommendation engine, you can send global users a push notification inviting them to view their latest picks.

One can also go for updates on friends and family who have recently joined. It is noted that LinkedIn and Facebook got so familiar since they allowed global users search for people they know on the service. Interestingly they keep them coming back by sending updates. You can convey your global users how many of their friends have joined since they left.

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