It is known fact that Google Play illustrates you beneficial details about your app; respectively as installs, sales, crashes, and ratings. So the app developers are duly instructed to constantly review their app’s stats to understand how it’s actually performing.

Moreover it is possible to check their alerts for spotting sudden changes and consider opting in to receive alerts by email. In addition changes in your app’s performance could indicate both good and bad things.

The success of an ad campaign or global users arriving at app condition crashes in starting to occur. Therefore by regularly assessing your app’s stats and alerts one could instantly spot changes, then correct appropriate issues before they affect your global users’ experience or app’s rating.

In order to view an app’s stats in the Play Console one could open all applications and choose an app developers like to view. Then select either Statistics or Dashboard to view details on your app’s performance.

For reviewing alerts you can simply click the orange alerts icon in the Play Console. In order to receive alerts by email, click Settings and then Email Preferences. The app developers could then select the alerts they want and how they are actually sent to you.

There are some of the best practices which you could keep track of your installs on active devices. This provides you an accurate measure of your install base. The app developers have already passed their hurdle getting the app on the user’s device. Then one could utilize this metric to understand key attributes about the install base.

One must examine their performance per user. Most of the stats illustrate the first action taken by a user. This provides you quality insight into how global users are installing and uninstalling your app. Moreover subsequent actions by the same user would not be counted.

It is also suggested to examine their performance per device. This wholly permits you to view installs per device. By this best metric one could watch upgrades as well. They must also keep track of app quality. Since global users deserve high-quality apps and would certainly reward you with loyalty.

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