If global users are still wondering why international business needs Android apps there are 68% people who check their phones within 10 minutes of waking up. So this would be first thing they are doing every morning. It would be great for global business to be part of Android apps contribution.

It is certain that your app becomes a part of your customer’s life and could immensely drive higher engagement, sales, and brand loyalty. You can take a good look at the most interesting reasons why you require building and launching Android app for business today.

More interestingly the Android apps give you maximum visibility. Everyone consider mobile is the first medium businesses should be focusing if achieving visibility. With Android app, you get to be at the customers’ fingertips all day long and that provides you a clear edge over global competitor who is only accessible in a Web browser. The developers also have a definitive advantage over certain businesses.

Amazingly the apps drive more engagement. There are many popular Android apps take customer engagement to next level by making mobile devices the primary medium of communication. The global users have a smartphone on them almost all day long using the Android apps for many purposes. They also tend to check their phones for notifications and messages all the time.

This type of massive global audiences allows you to strategically engage your users on various levels. Even one can effectively send out push notifications at strategic times of the day/week. For example food related delivery apps can send out lucrative offers and personalized deals around lunch and dinner times. Moreover the travel-based apps like hotels booking apps can create customized offers around long weekends.

Finally as one can clearly that developing Android app for global businesses is the most qualitative strategy towards growth, increased sales, customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.

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